Author: Stetson Babb

The Enterprise Growth Fund is seeing an increase in the number of people who are interested in starting renewable energy businesses.

Speaking during a media briefing this morning, the fund’s chief executive officer, Timothy Simmons, said they are facilitating Barbadian entrepreneurs in an effort to expand the renewable energy sector.

He added that over the years the fund has disbursed 214 million Barbados dollars in loans to 331 small and medium size enterprises.


The state-owned Transport Board says it’s doing its best to have an adequate number of buses on the road by the start of the new school term next week, but its Board Chairman Gregory Nicholls warns that the board continues to have challenges.

Speaking in an interview with Starcom Network News, Mr. Nicholls said they now have more buses available than during a particularly difficult period late last year, but are not yet up to the number he’s aiming for by month-end.

Mr. Nicholls notes that the age of the fleet is a big problem.
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