Kelly’s Input

  • I would like it to be mandatory that from 2018 the Prime Minister (not anyone else) holds a press conference every 5 months to speak specifically and comprehensively (giving actual numbers) about the amount of foreign reserves that the country has; the amount of debt we have as a country and what is being done (not looked at) to reduce that debt. I would like the Prime Minister to speak directly to the crime situation in the country, the conditions and challenges being faced by the Health Ministry and the amount of money the Government is using from the NIS and why it is using money from this fund.


During this time, I would like the Prime Minister to have to answer 5 questions from the Press.

The questions from the Press would be chosen from among questions that all Press members would have submitted in a meeting they held and the 5 questions would have been selected at this meeting. These questions would then be provided to the Prime Minister 2 to 3 weeks before the press conference. Why? I do not expect the Prime Minister to be an all knowing being so this gives him the time to get some help and data to help answer these questions.


I would also like 5 questions to be from the public. Once again, I would like these questions to be preselected and the actual citizen that posed the question be allowed to ask it to the Prime Minister.


  • I would like if all things that are to be passed in Parliament no longer be due to the vote of the members of Parliament alone. The last budget taught me that our representatives can in one breath say they do not agree with something and then proceed to vote for the very thing they said they did not agree with and this angered and disappointed me. I would like to see votes having to be gained from the social partnership; integrity groups, environmental groups, social activists, consumer groups, and unions if any form of legislation is to be passed.
  • I would like if the Auditor General’s Report is not simply released for us to read….it seems but I would like this document to be used by the Fraud Squad to investigate the many cases that these Reports cite year after year. I would like that the Fraud Squad and the office of the Attorney General be given one year only to give the public the reason why taxpayers’ money has seemingly disappeared.Investigations that provide evidence that money has indeed been given to someone to do A or buy B and A was never done or B was never bought or instead C was bought and it cost twice that of B, then ALL persons proven to be involved in this loss of taxpayer’s funds should be prosecuted no later than the following year. If a Minister is proven to be involved, then this minister must be fired immediately and be prosecuted.
  • I would like to see the creation of a small claims court and traffic court. I really enjoy reading the court cases and so I think less serious offenses, once both parties agree, can be brought as a reality show on TV (yes…like Judge Judy) every day, Monday to Friday. Why would this not work in Barbados? Especially now where everyone wants to be a TV star. This approach may help us get rid of 12 or more less serious cases a week and make us start to believe that one can have their grievance heard before a decade or more passes.
  • I would also like it to be mandatory that every month after the first year that an elected government is in office; that a different Government minister must give a detailed report on what is happening in their Ministry; state what is their vision for that Ministry and what they are doing to make their vision a reality. This report should be done in the form of a televised program and there should be a part of this program where the average Barbadian can call in and ask questions or send in Whatsapp questions for that Minister that he/she must answer.
  • I would like to see all minor traffic offences, e.g. illegal parking and dumping and littering offences be made to clean the nation’s highways, beaches and parks. These persons would all report to a certain place; be taken to the place that needs to be cleaned and they work a certain number of hours cleaning. Persons cleaning cannot have their cell phones or anything that can cause them not to be working consistently. Hours worked would be docked from the amount of time of community service until the time assigned is depleted.
  • I leave the most important for last. I would like for every political party to put into writing and say for the record, where they want Barbados to be by the end of their first 4 years of office and state in point form exactly what they plan to implement to see their vision to become a reality in this 4 year period. At this time all political powers must commit themselves to achieving one of the things they stated in point form every 100 days they are in office.

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