Known for credibility, accuracy and relevance Starcom Network is the leader in radio broadcast news.

Listeners are kept abreast of breaking news and current affairs with our robust schedule of bulletins broadcast in sync across our stations

VOB 92.9 FM, Hott 95.3 FM , Life 97.5 FM  & The Beat 104.1 FM.

Our news packages are aired seven days a week.

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430-7331/ 430-7332

5:30AMStarcom Network News [2 Mins]
6:15AMSkywatch [3 Mins]
6:30AMStarcom Network News [5 Mins]
6:35AMStarcom Network Sports [5 Mins]
6:55AMRegional Round Up [5 Mins]
7:00AMTracking The Latest [1 Min]
7:15AMSkywatch [3 Mins]
7:30AMStarcom Network News [10Mins]
7:50AMTraffic Beaters Traffic Report [2 Mins]
8:00AMTracking The Latest [1 Min]
8:05AMTraffic Beaters Traffic Report [2 Mins]
8:30AMStarcom Network News [5 Mins]
8:35AMTraffic Beaters Traffic Report [2 Mins]
9:30AMEdition of the Latest
11:55AMOCM Network News
12:30PMStarcom Network News [10Mins]
2:00PMWeather Watch [3 Mins]
4:30PMStarcom Network News [5 Mins]
4:45PMThe Evening Preview [1 Min]
5:30PMStarcom Network News; The Evening Edition [10Mins]
5:45PMStarcom Network Sports [10 Mins]
5:55PMOCM Network News
6:10PMSkywatch [3 Mins]
9:30PMStarcom Network News [5 Mins]
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